About the Doctor

Dr. McNitt

Denise L. McNitt, DVM

Dr. McNitt has focused much of her career on performance horse medicine, lameness and reproduction. She has worked on horses from all disciplines and believes that the knowledge gained from one is often helpful to understand another. Whether she worked at racetracks or dressage training barns she developed a practiced eye for lameness and other performance problems. Dr. McNitt’s Maine clients call her the “go to girl” in cases of lameness and has enjoyed working with her many performance horse clients who rely on her partnership in managing their horses. Additionally she has attended many seminars, wet labs and meetings to stay abreast of what is most current in equine performance. Since 2009 Dr. McNitt has spent part time practicing in Delaware and Maryland.

“The opportunity to work on some of the best Standardbreds in the Mid Atlantic region as well as being exposed to all types of new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities has enriched both my clinical skills and my love of performance horse medicine. It’s a great feeling to learn so many new things after 30 years in practice!” She considers the ~40 horses that she and her husband, Kevin Switzer, own to be a great proving ground for new therapies and products she often uses her own experiences to help her clients.

Dr. McNitt and her husband also own and operate KDK Standardbreds where they breed, raise, train and race in the Maine Sire Stakes. She and her husband and sister love to trail ride – either in the country around Cumberland or near their camp in Rangeley.

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