Pre Purchase Exams

The pre purchase examination is a thorough physical and soundness evaluation and is designed to point out potential problems a horse may have and determine if the horse would be suitable for the intended use. The pre purchase examination will help you buy with your head not just your heart. Regardless of the purchase price of a horse, pre purchase examination is an invaluable tool in helping you decide if this is the right horse for you.

Dr. McNitt provides a complete evaluation of your prospective horse’s health and soundness. A thorough physical examination is performed including listening to the heart and lungs, visual examination, neurologic evaluation and soundness exam. In addition radiographs, ultrasound, endoscopy or blood tests may be utilized. The particulars of the examination will be determined by you and Dr. McNitt based on the intended use and purchase price of the particular horse involved.

The pre purchase examination is meant only to point out known or potential problems in order to guide a decision to buy; it is not meant to diagnose lameness or disease. The pre purchase examination is a very thorough evaluation but it can only tell what is there on that day and so is not intended to give a prognosis of future soundness or health. Pre purchase examinations are best conducted by experienced veterinarians who are confident in their opinions and can communicate with their clients about any abnormalities uncovered during the examination.

Dr. McNitt will identify any abnormality, assess its significance to the buyer and work with the individual buyer to determine if the problems are acceptable. Dr. McNitt recognizes that even very nice and very talented horses may have physical issues that may be acceptable and successfully managed, but that it is critical for the buyer to be aware of these problems at the time of purchase. A horse may be considered suitable for it’s intended purpose even when abnormalities exist.

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