Digital Radiography

Cloverfield Equine has the most sophisticated Digital Radiography system available. Digital x-rays are images that are captured digitally on a special plate then transferred to a computer where they are stored and can be viewed immediately. Our digital x-ray unit is portable and can be taken into the field, directly to the horse, which eliminates the stress of hauling a lame horse into the clinic. Digital radiographs provide Dr. McNitt with the ability to examine the skeletal system and inner workings of the body to identify any potential concerns or problems. This means an onsite diagnosis which allows for immediate treatment if necessary.

Digital radiographs offer many advantages over conventional x-rays. The resolution of the images are far superior and the radiographs can be enlarged and manipulated to reveal problems that might not otherwise be visible. Each image is captured, verified, and saved on the computer in seconds which significantly decreases the waiting time since the x-rays do not have to be taken off the site to be developed. If the image does not turn out exactly how Dr. McNitt desires, immediate retakes are performed. Images can be sent to other veterinarians, clients and referral clinics. Digital x-ray technology allows Dr. McNitt to quickly capture images to be examined and evaluated instantly. Cloverfield Equine is equipped with radiology technology, x-rays can be performed on-site, at the clinic or on the farm.

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound is a valuable tool for evaluation of a variety of different conditions and monitoring healing progress. Ultrasound uses real time acoustic waves to provide an image of many different structures. Cloverfield Equine offers the most advanced digital ultrasound available. Dr. McNitt has over 20 years experience in ultrasound diagnostics and has received advanced training in equine ultrasound imaging of musculoskeletal structures such as feet, lower limb, joints, pelvis and neck . Cloverfield Equine’s state of the art equipment is completely portable enabling us to service your needs at the clinic or at your stable. A proper diagnosis of your horses’ lameness problem is critical to making a treatment plan to get your horse back up and performing. Please contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Laboratory Services

Cloverfield Equine has an extensive in house laboratory for critical care blood testing, lyme disease, blood counts and more. We also work with outside labs including Idexx, Cornell University, Colorado State , and Antech Diagnostics.

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