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Cloverfield Equine is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Vets First Choice to add a second online pharmacy to our practice. The new pharmacy, in addition to our existing online pharmacy, Vet Source, offers clients the convenience and competitive pricing comparative to that of big online pharmacies, helping them save money and time. Vets First Choice is the exclusive partner pharmacy  provider of  Adequan® i.m. Equine, through an agreement with Luitpold Animal Health. We are excited about this new pharmacy and encourage our clients to browse the catalog, compare prices and purchase from their local veterinarian, Cloverfield Equine!

The 2015 breeding season is over and it was a huge success! Cloverfield Equine and George Teague, Jr. offered three of the freshest and fastest pacing stallions standing in Delaware for the 2015 breeding season.

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Denise L. McNitt, DVM has been serving equine clients and their horses for over 30 years. At Cloverfield Equine she uses advanced diagnostics and therapy to make sure your performance, racing or sport horse is working to their full potential. Whether it’s a horse riding on a trail, competing in dressage, racing, or western performance, Dr. McNitt approaches each unique case to meet the specific needs of each individual horse and owner. In addition she addresses atypical sport horse problems including foot problems, ulcers, saddle fit, and neurological issues.

Dr. McNitt provides preventative care for her clients by appointment, including physical examinations, vaccinations, dental care and advice for clients on keeping their horses healthy.

While she does not personally provide emergency care, there is a referral veterinarian available.

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